We are carbon-neutral

and you could be, too, during your hypnosis!

HypnoBox GmbH is one of the first carbon-neutral companies offering digital products.

And you can be, too: With a HypnoBox subscription, your time in hypnosis will automatically be compensated by our CO₂ partner project.

It is important to us that HypnoBox doesn’t just make a positive contribution to your well-being but also leaves a climate-neutral footprint on our planet. This means you can be even more relaxed during your hypnosis from now on because the use of the app is completely climate-neutral if you’re a Pro user.

For more information, please see our partner project.

What exactly we compensate

Use of the app by pro users

We compensate the use of the app by all users with a HypnoBox subscription.

The calculation of the average CO₂ emissions (equivalents) consists of the following steps:

Emissions from direct use

  1. Evaluation of the average usage time and frequency per pro-user
  2. Average number of sessions * Average interaction time per session => Average interaction time per pro-user per day
  3. Average capacity iOS/Android top model / full load time of the phone => average power consumption per hour
  4. Interaction time per pro-user per day * electricity consumption per hour => average electricity consumption per pro-user
  5. Average CO₂ emissions electricity mix Germany/USA per kWh * Average power consumption per pro-user => Average CO₂ emissions per pro-user
  6. Average CO₂ emissions per pro-user * pro-user number in the evaluation period => Emissions to be offset through use

Emissions from downloads

We compensate for the power consumption of Pro users when downloading audio content within the HypnoBox app.

Creation of the audio content

We compensate for emissions that occur during the creation of the audio content and have already occurred.

The CO₂ emissions (equivalents) are made up of the following steps:

  1. Time required for creation * Electricity consumption per hour of recording studio and other technology => Total electricity consumption for creation
  2. Total power consumption for creation * CO₂ emissions electricity mix Germany per kWh => emissions to be offset by creating the audio content

Emissions of the company

We offset the emissions from the ongoing operations of HypnoBox GmbH.

This includes the following areas:

  • Power consumption of servers, offices and in the home office
  • Acquisition/disposal of hardware