The Self-Hypnosis Revolution

HypnoBox is the most comprehensive English-language hypnosis app where you can create your own sessions.

Sounds good? Then install now free of charge:

Over 500 suggestions

HypnoBox has the right suggestion modules for almost every aspect of life!

Male or female voice?

Choose between a male or female speaker. You can also record or import your own suggestions!

Create your own sessions

Choose which topics you want to work on in a session! Possible thanks to the modular system.

Can be used offline

Enjoy your sessions free from interruptions and on the move, whenever you want!

All topics bundled into one app

You have access to more than 500 suggestion modules. You can incorporate them into your own sessions and then decide on the sequence yourself.

Suggestion packages are bundled in great-value “boxes”. If you purchase a full box you will get ready-made sessions too.

Create your own sessions.

The key element of the app. Decide for yourself what your current issues are and work on them in a session. Saves time and is incredibly effective!

The app helps you to structure a successful session:

  • Induction and deepening
  • Suggestions
  • Awakening
  • Background sound

All freely selectable.

Record and import speech and music

You can record or import your own suggestions. The same goes for your personal background music.

It’s YOUR life. You decide
what you want to change!

Install HypnoBox now, free of charge: